ATOZ has a totally professional & client friendly approach, where - in all of its people on roles work on behalf of the customer. We believe in-thorough customer satisfaction and the zero defect services. To us, a satisfied client is the best business promotion manager. Hence for us the best marketing effort is to generate more and more satisfied customers.

"The repeat business from all our customers is a reward of our culture only"

A brief insight of ATOZ culture can be analyzed by a few planks borne by various officials / departments.


To us at ATOZ :

Managing Director : 

A man with an unending hunger for reputation and goodwill – To him, profit is only a by - product.

Director - Operation :  An application engineer of customer at our rolls – Always striving for customer satisfaction.
Director - Marketing : 

An intruder and spy of client at our rolls – Too biased in favor of client all the times.

International Business :

Utmost careful - The reputation of the country is involved.

Marketing Division : 

The real ambassadors of the customer.

Quality Assurance : 

The wolf - surveillance of customer at our roles.

Production Division : 

The people with right first time approach.

Projects Division :

Any breakdown is a net debit to the balance sheet of our goodwill.

Accounts & Finance : 

Are always pleased to debit any account except that of goodwill.

Materials Division : 

The real guardian of our business associates, motivating them to contribute more & more.

Human Resource :

The complete care - takers, facilitating all to take - care of the company.

After Sales & Service : 

The real marketing staff of company with an in - different title.

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